The MACUMA Lifetime Achievement Award honors individuals who have dedicated their lives to and have made significant contributions throughout a career of service to the Credit Union industry. This award is a unique tribute given only to the individual who is worthy of recognition for a lifetime commitment to the vision and mission of the credit union movement. The recipient of this prestigious award has made a significant and lasting contribution to the credit union movement and has inspired others to serve the needs of credit union members and that of the community.


Past Recipients

Don DiMatteo Sr.
Credit Union Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
John Slusher
Affiliate Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Mr. Larry Kelly


Ms. Cindy Prestandrea



Ms. Brenda Turner
Mr. James Arrington
Mimi Lieb
Mrs. Miriam ‘Mimi’ Lieb
larry beull
Mr. Larry Buel


Mr. Bob Hess
bill brooks
Mr. Bill Brooks
tony johnson
Mr. Tony Johnson


    1. MACUMA now recognizes two Lifetime Achievement Award recipients annually. The first is for the Credit Union Lifetime Achievement Award. This individual must be a retired D.C. metropolitan area credit union professional or a volunteer. The second is the Affiliate Lifetime Achievement Award. This individual must be retired from a current affiliate member organization of MACUMA.
    2. Nominees for either category must have 20 years of service with the credit union movement and whose significant impact has helped to improve the lives of others.
    3. Individual being considered for the Lifetime Achievement Award must have or have had a relationship with MACUMA.
    4. Nominee may be recognized posthumously.

Nomination Selection Process

    1. Nominations must be submitted by a current MACUMA member.
    2. MACUMA will announce and solicit nominees from the membership at the annual MACUMA meeting.
    3. The nomination must describe the nominee’s contributions to the industry and tell why he or she is worthy of this recognition.
    4. The nomination letter must site three reasons why the individual should be considered for the Lifetime Achievement Award.
    5. The nomination may be submitted online.
    6. The nominee may not submit his or her own name.
    7. Current Members of MACUMA Board are ineligible.

Selection Criteria

Members of the MACUMA board will select the recipient of the MACUMA Lifetime Achievement Award based on, but not limited to, the following:

    1. Accomplishments related to his or her services with the credit union movement.
    2. Recognition for credit union services performed locally in the D.C. metropolitan Area.
    3. Leadership and guidance in helping people.
    4. An inspiration and mentor to others in their efforts to educate people about credit unions.

Award Presentation

The award will be presented at the annual MACUMA Conference. Accommodations for the winner and his or her guest will be provided by MACUMA.

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