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MACUMA is actively seeking volunteers for various committee opportunities. New committee members are accepted on a rolling basis upon approval by the MACUMA board chair. Any member may participate! Scroll down to view all committees and descriptions.

To sign up for a committee, please complete the sign-up form.

Charity Task Force

Time commitment: 2–3 hours per month
This committee will meet monthly, as needed.

This committee will focus on the charity relationship at the annual golf tournament as well as two or three tactics for the year that will help MACUMA meet its strategic charity goals.

Conference Committee

Time commitment: 2–4 hours per month, January–May
This committee meets monthly, January through May, with one-hour conference calls. An additional one to two hours per month during this time will be needed to review the schedule and speakers.

This committee works with staff to help create the Annual Leadership Conference schedule, identify topics for the event, and find speakers. It also helps select keynotes as well as determine any networking activities at the event.

Golf Committee

Time commitment: This committee meets as needed leading up to the spring golf event. It also holds one or two meetings in the fall to help review courses for the following year.

This committee helps staff plan the schedule of the golf tournament, reviews golf course proposals from around the D.C. area, provides a recommendation to the MACUMA board regarding which course should host the event, and works with the charity task force.

Lifetime Achievement Award Committee

Time commitment: 3–5 hours per year
This group meets one or two times for one-hour phone calls in May.

This group reviews applicants and selects the winner for the MACUMA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Marketing Committee

Time commitment: 3–4 hours per month
Monthly calls will be scheduled beginning for up to one hour each. Additional review of materials outside of the call may be necessary. Separate calls for specific projects may also be scheduled.

This committee assists with reviewing MACUMA marketing materials, helping staff with messaging, and helping to identify potential MACUMA members.

Membership Committee

Time commitment: 2–4 hours per month
Monthly calls will be scheduled in January and February for one hour each. In March, members will be tasked with calling anyone who has not yet renewed membership for the current year. This will likely involve two or three calls per person.

This group works with the Marketing Committee to determine the best way to reach out to potential members. It also assists staff in helping to clean up data in the MACUMA database.

Programs Committee

Time commitment: 1–2 hours per month
One 30-minute call per month as well as time to help find speakers.

This committee selects content speakers for monthly meetings as well as professional development events including the Lending Mini Conference and MACH. The committee also selects content for MACUMA’s webinars scheduled throughout the year.

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