Jason Dietrich

 Experian Decision Analytics, New Business and Pre-Sales Specialist 

Jason Dietrich has spent more than 17 years in the bankcard industry, leading analytical and policy teams across the major functional groups. His experience spans the customer lifecycle, including acquisitions risk, portfolio risk, marketing strategy, and collections strategy. This experience was gained throughout the major company growth stages, beginning with First USA Bank, a fast-growing mono-line credit card issuer in the mid-90s. First USA was acquired by Bank One and then later merged with JP Morgan Chase, a large multinational, multi-line-of-business financial services company. This experience have given Jason the ability to relate to clients in various growth stages and advise them as they seek to achieve the next level.

Jason understands the unique challenges of navigating the vastly changing regulatory environment of the banking industry. The success of teams he led through these years is a direct result of a balanced approach gained through this diverse experience. Jason provides his clients with a unique, big-picture perspective. After spending a career on the client side of the desk, Jason understands first-hand the challenges facing today’s financial services businesses and considers it a privilege to help clients exceed their goals though partnership with Experian.

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